Private Investigations

CANGUARD provides a full range of services designed to meet corporate standards. Our team of professional private investigators will devise a strategy to exceed your expectations.

Health and Safety Services

  • Life, Health, and Disability Claims
  • Workers Compensation (WS.I.B)


  • Interview Elimination for Internal Conflicts
  • Executive Protection
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Strike Coverage – Able to Meet Agreed Protocols and Have a Ready Team Within 48 Hours
  • Mobile and Static Surveillance
  • Electronic Sweep for Bugging Devices
  • GPS Tracking
  • GPS Message App Service


  • Insurance Fraud
  • Missing Persons


  • Spousal Indiscretions
  • GPS Tracking
  • Uncovering Substance Abuse

Computer Forensic Investigation Services

  • Forensic Imaging for Hard Drives Between 250GB-1TB
  • Forensic Imaging for Cellular Devices up to 128GB
  • Social Media Forensics Basic (2Hr) to Advanced (4Hr)

Low Light Surveillance Services

Surveillance in low or minimal light situations can be an extreme challenge. CANGUARD’s investigators are skilled in low light surveillance allowing them to maintain continued surveillance regardless of the time or situation presented thanks to state of the art mobile high tech equipment. See the incredible difference yourself CANGUARD can offer by visiting our Low Light Surveillance Service Page here.

Private Investigator Training

If you are interested in becoming a Private Investigator yourself, please visit our Private Investigator Training Program Page for more information.

Advanced Surveillance Course

CANGUARD has launched an Advanced Surveillance Course which is a practical 5 day hands on experience, 80% done on the road. This is designed to fill the gap and better prepare the candidate for employment in the field. Please contact us to learn more.